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Our Mission

Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing is a non-profit para-church ministry offering Christian Counseling and other social service-type programs to fill gaps in the church’s ability to offer a full range of such services to its members, their community, and the organizations they support.

Our mission is to help anyone needing hope find it and identify a path to healing regardless of income, walk, or place. Our team is trained and specifically up to the task of helping every member of any family move from stuck to the hope found in the kingdom of God.




Family Health 360

Non-Profit Counseling Practice

Pastoral Counseling ministry serving every member of the family.

The Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. Family Health 360 counseling ministry provides quality Pastoral Counseling to every member of the family regardless of condition and ability to pay. As a non-profit counseling ministry, there is no reason to avoid getting the help one needs because they think they cannot afford it. As a Christ-centered ministry, there is no reason to be afraid of the counseling process. Family Health 360 Christian counselors and coaches are non-judgemental and solutions-focused. They operate on the belief that there is always hope to be found when God is invited into the process.

Pastors, rest assured that our non-denominational approach to serving the members of your church is one that will not undermine the work you have already done with your parishioner. All of our counselors and coaches are trained to address the spiritual, emotional, and relational conditions of your members based on the word of God regardless of their denomination. Our staff approaches mental health according to the standards of Christian Psychology and the ethic of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

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With you all the way!

Coaching, counseling, mentoring, educational mentoring, life coaching.

Hope365Plus is a coaching and mentoring program developed to help you move to and through your next stages of life. Your transition to, or back into, society from the military, the mission field, a recovery program, foster care, or group home does not have to be done alone. Our team can help you find work or seek an educational opportunity, help you navigate relationships, and remain alongside you to help you remain accountable to God, society, and your peers.

Our one year plus mentoring program intends to match you with a mentor who is suited to help you meet your spiritual and personal development goals, and our women's and men's programs will help you remain forward focused and accountable to your spiritual formation and focused on becoming more like Christ in your employment, education, and relationships.


Anyone who has been through a significant life change will tell you that a support network played a significant role in their healing process. By connecting with people around you who share common values and place love, understanding, accountability, and fellowship at the forefront of their lives, you vastly increase your chances of success and maintaining a Christian lifestyle over the long-term.

For people of faith who have lost their way or people looking for somewhere to turn for hope, Connect.52 Women and Men of the SHIELD are  communities of loving people with the desire to shine brightly for the Kingdom of God and instill the same in others.


Discover methods of weathering the storm of addiction & recovery when a loved one has chosen the wrong path. We have a specialized  group of coaches ready to help you learn how to live a healthy life-style with boundaries and a life free from the the struggle of enabling your loved-one.  Most importantly, we can help you prepare for when your loved one is finished with their recovery program; the family's best chance of experiencing full recovery comes when everyone is prepared for the future.


Counseling Services


HIPAA Complient



Our online Client Portal makes check-in easy, scheduling easier, and payment a snap. Not only that, it is the best way to interact with us. Use the button below to get started  using the ClientCenter.

HIPAA Complaint

Online Sessions


Sometimes office visits are inconvenient. To make it easy to stay on track with your program, we offer you a secure Telehealth option that requires no apps or software installation. Use the button below to prepare to use it.

Income-Based Sliding-Scale Session Rates

Because we are a non-profit ministry, you may pay as little as 25.00 or less for your counseling/coaching sessions. Our standard rate is 85.00 will be adjusted as appropriate.

Privacy is Our Priority

Your privacy is not only your right; it is also a responsibility our staff takes seriously. We use the latest client management software to ensure that your records are safe and secure.

No Judgement


We are here to help you find hope and reach your God-Given life potential. Ours is a Christ-Centered practice interested only in the spiritual, emotional, and relational health of every member of your family.

​​If you or any other person is at risk of harm by you, another person, or due to your circumstances




Locations in Jacksonville & Okeechobee - Telehealth Anywhere

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 Parental Coaching

Parental Coaching is a  program designed to help you adjust to new parental circumstances. For new parents, this is an opportunity to learn about intentional parenting and for blended families to learn the art of unified parenting. In other cases a parent may be rejoining the family after a prolonged military deployment, incarceration or residential treatment program.  No matter the circumstances, we are here to help you make a smooth parenting transition.

Done Deal

 Marriage Counseling

Our approach to Marriage Counseling is a little different than many practices. We are interested  in helping couples move from stuck, hopeless, and drained to empowered, inspired, and excited. We do this as practitioners of Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling which is a Brief Therapy developed to help you learn to love better and realize the potential you and your spouse posses to bring joy back into your marriage.

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 Grief Counseling

Grief is a normal aspect of being a human being. However, sometimes our reaction to loss can become overwhelming and difficult to manage. Baymeadows Center has on staff a certified grief counselor ready to help you begin the process of recovery, so you can get back to living your life. We understand that the grief process is different for each person and we are ready to help you understand your personal process

Therapy session

 Personal Counseling

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck and in need of an understanding person who can help us identify liberating solutions. We understand that we all struggle from time to time with gaps in our confidence, relationship struggles, hopelessness, and faith issues. As such, we are here to help you move toward personal wholeness, interpersonal, mental stability competence, and spiritual maturity. Come join us for a positive approach to life.

Family Entertainment

 Family Coaching

Family Coaching is a full family program intended to help the whole family unit learn to adjust to significant life-changes and pain. Our cooperative approach engages the entire family, encouraging them to learn how to live, love and cooperate after divorce or family modification,  the death of a family member, lifestyle changes due to income loss, or even prepare for the changes associated with puberty.

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 Life Coaching

Let the excitement begin! You have goals and a desire to be the best you can be, and our program is just what you need to get a great start on your new life. We use an approach known as Reality Therapy to help you learn to make biblically sound choices that will help you move from the person you are today to the person God wants you to be soon. Whether you are just getting started in life or are ready to move to your next level, we are here for you.

Trauma Support

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The world throws some heavy burdens at us from time to time. Sometimes those burdens happen abruptly and catch us off guard. It is in those times that we need someone who can help us think straight, manage our immediate needs, listen to our fears, and pray for intercession from our God who loves us. If you or a friend are withing 48 hours of a trauma experience, call us at 904-445-8410 to request immediate assistance.


When your appointment request is approved, you will be asked to complete registration and check-in. Be sure to watch your email or cellphone text application for a prompt to enter the Client Portal to complete this step. This must be completed 12 hours before your first session, or your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

$0 per session

There is no fee for trauma support services.

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