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About HOPE365Plus

Your first step in becoming the person you can be, is to read everything on this page.


HOPE365Plus is a free coaching and mentoring certificate program developed to help you move to and through your next stages of life. We are all about freedom; freedom to become the person God intends you to become, freedom from adversity, and the freedom to be inspired toward hope and confidence. We are here to help you live a successful independent Life through the guidance and support of a coach who respects you and is determined to see you reach your life goals.

Our initial goals are to help you learn how to engage in positive relationships, prepare to navigate through the ins and outs of daily life, secure a place to live, and to become employed. We can also help you move to your next level of development through career counseling, educational/vocational enrollment, and/or next-level skills enhancement training. The best part about these services is that they are free to you upon enrollment.


To be sure we are clear, Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing does not secure housing or employment for you. Our purpose is to walk alongside you as you seek to accomplish your goals. There is great benefit in networking, and partnering with your mentor.  Your mentor has your best interest at heart and will use his or her knowledge of the community to help you in every appropriate way.

Social Distancing


We operate under the belief that hope requires three relationships: The first and most effective relationship is the one we have with God. The next is the one we have with our self, and the third is with a person who can help us flourish in the first two. 

Mother and Baby


Our program is initially scheduled as a one-year development program. You will focus on spiritual, relational, professional, and personal aspects of development to ensure a great start to the rest of your life. Your coach will serve as a mentor and a life coach.

Family At Church


You will have the ability to extend your time in our program. Benefits of extending your membership in the  HOPE365Plus program include a chance to continue enjoying the guidance and wisdom of your coach and even become one yourself.

Enrolling beginning August 1, 2022

The HOPE365Plus Certificate Program

Employment Benefit

Employers love to see that their potential employee is engaged in character development activities that involve learning, coaching, and mentoring. You can imagine that an employer has a lot invested in each employee and wants to be sure they are developing as a person, so they can develop into solid and dedicated employees. The employers we interact with have a common desire. They desire to hire stable people who are teachable and desire to move up the ladder. Enrollment in HOPE365Plus tells your potential employer that you are a person who seeks those characteristics they desire in an employee.

Personal Development

Each week you will complete only 30 minutes of life development training by watching one or two short videos and answering 5 related question. You will also meet with your coach who will listen, support, teach, and advise you as needed. They will also spend a few minutes teaching and discussing the meaning of character, discipline, and discernment from a biblical perspective.

The Plus

Each quarter (3 months) you will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment, and at the end of the 52 week process you will be awarded a HOPE365Plus Certificate of Completion. Upon completion you will be eligible to enter our Plus level program which is designed to teach you next-level life and professional skills and prepare you to become a HOPE365Plus coach, if you desire to pass-it-forward to the next student.

The Included Benefits of Membership

  • Christian Mentoring

  • Career Counseling

  • Marriage Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Personal Development Classes

  • Life Training Sessions

  • Academic Mentoring

  • Parenting Coaching

  • Shared Parenting Coaching

  • Mental Health Coaching

You will be matched with a local Christian mentor who is trained to coach you through your spiritual and life needs and your next steps planning. He or she will disciple you to become the woman or man, wife or husband, and mother or father God always intended you to become. Your mentor is backed up by the stability and resources of an associated local church where you will have the opportunity to flourish among friends and the resources of HOPE365Plus, which are specifically suited to your needs.  Remember, our program is about helping you become a confident, independent man or woman who is ready to embrace your new reality. In the case you need specialized training, coaching, or counseling, your mentor will refer you to the Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing service you need, which will be free to you.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Important Notice:

Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. cannot accept for membership those who are under the age of 18 or who have not completed the full term of a program in which they were registered.

  • Those who have aged out of foster care placement.

  • Those who have aged out of youth residential care.

  • Those who have graduated from a residential addiction recovery program.

  • Those who have been referred by a pregnancy resource program.

  • Those who have a referral letter form a church or ministry partner.

  • Those who have been referred by a qualified C-MHC assocoate.

How to enroll?

Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. cannot guaranteed enrollment. Membership in the HOPE365Plus life development program is by invitation only. Because there are a limited number of certified coaches, Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. selects students that it believes will be successful in completing a minimum of 52 weeks of education and Christian mentoring. Although the weekly commitment is only about 2 hours, it is nonetheless a commitment.

To be considered for membership, you must apply for placement in the Hope365Plus program at the Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing Client Portal.

The process:

  1. Register as a client at the Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing Client Portal.

  2. Click on "I'M A NEW CLIENT"

  3. Select "Hope365Plus Application and Interview"

  4. Write down the telephone number shown under the Map.

  5. Click on the SELECT button

  6. Select a date for your telephone interview that is at least 3 days away.

  7. Select a time for your telephone interview. (click MORE if the best time is not shown)

  8. Select Me - Click NEXT

  9. Fill out the form and click REQUEST APPOINTMENT
    (an email address is required to receive appointment approval)

  10. An email will be sent to you with instructions once your appointment is approved.

  11. Click on the SIGN IN button to enter the Client Portal to complete your application and other required paperwork.

  12. Once in the Client Portal, click GET STARTED

  13. Complete all forms. This process will take 15-20 min.

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