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Our purpose is to move from where we are to the place the Lord has designed for us by discovering hope, peace and love in His word, guidance, and plan for our futures.


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About this Group


CONNECT.52 is a weekly ZOOM call administered to provide you with an opportunity connect with a group of women who desire to help you move to the next better place in your life. Ours is a casual non-judgemental group of coaches and other women who understand the value of accountability and community who are ready to come alongside you to help you learn to meet your goals and overcome the influences of the world.


It is important for your to understand that we believe in new beginnings. We want you to know that there is a way to improve your outlook, address those things that cause you anxiety and depression, and move toward becoming the person God always intend for you to become.


Our group is not an anonymous group, but to join, you will be required to register with the group. We use a registration process in an attempt to admit only those who agree to participate with respect, cooperation, and with a true desire to improve themselves as friends, mothers, wives, daughters, employees, and citizens.



Our Mission

We feel called to this unique ministry out of compassion for those who have lost their way and do not know exactly how to get back on track. We seek to help those who have drifted away from God, have never known Him, or just want to get closer to Him, find rest in his love, promise of peace, and commitment to joy.


We value every life and care about the souls of each person. Through service and love we hope to reach as many people as possible, helping them redirect the path of their lives toward the Kingdom of God.

We hope every member of CONNECT.52 will adopt this mission as their own as they become more and more connected with their CONNECT.52 brothers.


  1. Always respectful to others

  2. Never judgemental

  3. No profanity

  4. Respect the rights of others to believe according to their maturity in Christ.

  5. Sober at meetings

  6. No soliciting or sales

  7. Absolutely no church, ministry, religion, or program bashing.

  8. Please keep your mic muted when not speaking.

Tuesday Evening
Session Schedule

  • 7:15pm (est) Participants can begin logging in and meet others who are waiting for the meeting to begin. This is a great time to introduce yourself and share success stories.
  • 7:30 - The meeting begins with Opening Prayer and Purpose Statement.

  • 7:35 - Lesson from facilitator or guest speaker.

  • 8:05 - Book Review

  • 8:30 - Memory Verse and Concluding Prayer.


  • SUPER SESSION:  8:30-9:00
    Challenge, open Discussion, or meet the speaker.


Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to CONNECT.52 programming at its sole discretion.



I do not have a ZOOM account!

  1. You will need a free ZOOM account to join the CONNECT.52 group. If you do not have a Free ZOOM account, you can click HERE to be take to ZOOM.US.

  2. Once you reach their page, click the orange button at the top right that says, SIGN UP, IT'S FREE. Be sure to Authenticate your ZOOM account, which involves a process where ZOOM sends an email to you, which you will need to respond to.

  3. After you have set up a ZOOM account, return to this page and follow the instructions below.

I have a ZOOM account.

  1. It is no longer necessary to register for CONNECT.52 meetings

  2. To join the meeting you will click the Join Meeting button below.

  3. If you are asked to provide a password, you will need to enter the password associated with your Zoom account - YOU DO NOT NEED A MEETING I.D. OR PASSWORD.


CONNECT.52 is offered as a public forum and does not promise or imply that your attendance or participation is anonymous or your comments private as it is possible for any participant to share what you say during your participation in the CONNECT.52 group to those  outside of the group, and due to the fact that recordings of the session or sessions in which you participate may be made available for other people to view over Facebook, YouTube, and other social media websites and media outlets. therefore, Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. accepts no responsibility for privacy or breach of confidence relative to your use of the CONNECT.52 ministry offerings. Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to CONNECT.52 programming at its sole discretion. Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. offers counseling and coaching as services of its Counseling Department. As a user of CONNECT.52 you should be aware that CONNECT.52 is not a counseling or coaching program of the "Counseling Department" and is considered, according to industry standards, an entertainment outlet which is not responsible for providing the same HIPAA privacy standards, counselor oversight, or formal standards of ethics  required by the "Counseling and Coaching Department". For more information about this statement, please email

By clicking the JOIN button below "I agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS"

Doors Open at 7:15 pm
Meeting begins at 7:30 pm

For security reasons, you will be required to show your face over video at check-in, but you can turn your camera off when you enter the meeting. You will also be asked how you Learned of CONNECT.52

Book Review Schedule

June 2022

The Ruth Anointing: Becoming a Woman of Faith, Virtue, and Destiny

THERE IS RESTORATION AFTER GREAT LOSS. A broken heart can be mended. And lost dreams can become the greatest source of hope. But there is so much more to the story of Ruth.

Ruth was not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and embrace new possibilites. She ventured past cultural limitations to discover a life of fulfillment. She was willing to risk it all and be stretched. 

For those who feel an affinity to this woman of God, it's time to break boundaries and conquer new territories. This is the core of The Ruth Anointing: a courageous, bold, faith-filled, and resolute pioneering spirit. 



Kindle - 8.92

Paperback 9.39


USED - 11.49

Like New 


NOOK - 10.99

Paperback - 12.99


July 2022

Book Title Coming Soon

Description coming soon


Kindle Unlimited - 0.00

Paperback 0.00


USED - 0.00

Good Condition


New - 0.00

Coming Soon Neon Light

Weekly Net-Out Challenge

Participants will complete the weekly Net-Out book report which will include the net value of the book as the reader sees it.


All Mentors. All Mentees.



Key points. Main ideas. Big picture. Life application.



Every book. Every month.



A one-page document – with a copy for each group member.



For you. For your memory, for future reference, for depth of topic, and breadth of subject. For the group. For the sharing, responsibility, and accountability you experience and expect of each other.

Summary. Significance. Bullet points. Quotes. Page numbers.


Some net-outs read like a summary of the book; others list the page number where the important point was found, along with a brief synopsis of the point. Most people record key points, quotes, and principles, along with specific scripture references, in bullet points. The net-out is for you – so do it in whatever way works best for you and will be most helpful and meaningful long-term.



  • Think of it as casting a wide net out over the book to catch the big ideas, main points, and applicable life lessons.

  • Reviewing your net-out should be like reading the book again – making it a valuable resource.

  • As you read each book, keep the perspective that you are allowing yourself to be mentored by the author, who is an authority on the subject.

  • There is a mutual commitment to mentoring. Everyone sacrifices equally and together. Everyone gains from it.

  • Sharing your net-out with the group helps everyone in the group to grasp all the important points. Someone else may totally miss something that you’ve discovered and vice-versa.

Optional CONNECT.52 Challenge


An important part of the CONNECT.52 program is the member challenge plan, that promotes community participation, growth, and accountability. Our challenges are excellent tools for encouraging you to use the tools you will learn of throughout your time with CONNECT.52.


The overall challenge is a 4 month program with each month having a scalable plan of development for each participant. If you choose to accept the challenge, you will have four months to reach a goal that you will set at the beginning of the challenge.

For example: You may set a goal that looks like this:

  • CHURCH - L4




Reaching your goal in one month out of the four is a victory, providing you put out the effort each month. Reaching your goal more than one month is great work, while reaching your goal every month is an amazing victory.

The GIDEON CHALLENGE - Judges 7–8:21

This challenge is for one who wishes to achieve the the highest level in each category at least one time in the challenge period. Just in-case you think this will be easy, think again. Your goal is to have four months of Level-4 activity in each of four categories. Someone working diligently will do well to have one month at level-4 over the 4 month period.


This challenge is for one who wishes to achieve the the highest level in each category each month. Just in-case you think this will be easy, think again. Your goal is to have four months of Level-4 activity in each of four categories.

Categories & Levels


L1  Attend church each week

L2  Add Sunday School X4

L3  Add acts of service X4

L4  Invite one to church X4

Getting Started

If you are not attending church at this time, we recommend you locate a local Bible believing church near you and start settling in by attending each week. It is always a good idea to attend  Sunday school right from the start. This way, you are already at Level-2.

Don't be shy. Be sure you meet the pastor and have a conversation with your Sunday school teacher. Be consistent and Introduce yourself at appropriate times and ask people about themselves.


L1   Write my story - share 4X

L2  Tell my story  4X

L3  Tell my story and HIS 4X

L4  Tell my story publicly 1X

Getting Started

We do not want to overwhelm you, but it is true that the more you tell your story, the quicker you will begin to reduce your grief and stop identifying yourself by your past. As you do, you will put your efforts into becoming the person the Lord made you to be. We recommend you spend your first month writing your story, including where you plan to go from here. Share your written story with 4 people you trust, including your (new) Sunday school teacher.

Group Work

L1  Attend every meeting

L2  Invite one+ each week

L3  Write reading review weekly

L4  Present 1 reading review /mo

Getting Started

One of the biggest obstacles to growth is a lack of discipline. We recommend you begin your quest to become a disciplined and well adjusted member of society by being diligent to attend every CONNECT.52 session.

Part of the Connect.52 plan is to read and review a book each month. We suggest you buy the book, but if this is not possible, please take notes during the book review, so you will retain the information.


L1  Servant evangelism street

L2  Volunteer at a local ministry

L3  Servant evangelism neighbor

L4  Even more of that

Getting Started

One of the best ways to get started serving is to pray over your community as you clean up your street. Get a trash bag and a Grabber, and walk down your street picking up trash. Pray for your neighbors, even though you do not know what they need. Say hello or wave to those who are watching you, and introduce yourself to those who speak to you. When someone asks why you are cleaning up, tell them you are using the opportunity to pray for the community and give something to the neighborhood.

Additional Benefits of CONNECT.52 Membership

  • Family Coaching (relationships)

  • Career Counseling

  • Marriage Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Personal Development Classes

  • Grief Counseling

  • Academic Mentoring

  • Parenting Coaching

  • Shared Parenting Coaching

  • Mental Health Coaching

CONNECT.52 is a ministry of Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing which is a Non-Profit Christian Social Services Ministry equipped with a full-service Christian Counseling and coaching ministry. We have a wide range of citified specialties practiced by our certified and Board Certified Mental Health Coaches supervised by our Pastoral Counselor who is board certified by the International Board of Professional and Pastoral Counselors (IBPPC) as a Board Certified Christian Counselor.

As a registered member of CONNECT-52, you have available to you and your family, our counseling and coaching services at discounted rates thanks to our sliding-scale offerings. There is never a reason not to reach-out for the Christian help you need. You can request these services using the chat feature of your CONNECT.52 ZOOM session, by sending a message to, or by visiting the home page and clicking the Counseling and Coaching button near the top of the page.

To register for CONNECT.52, return to the previous section and click NEXT under the appropriate program for you.

Outreach Shirt

These fundraising shirts are your way of identifying your membership and are intended as an outreach tool. The shirt to the far left is the first edition outreach shirt that commemorates the beginning of CONNECT.52 and is available for purchase by both men and women. The shirt below is available only to the ladies, but we wanted you guys to see it.

Use your shirt to start conversations and extend invitations.

Pricing and availability coming soon.