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Young Businesswoman

Welcome to the student learning portal.

You are welcome to take advantage of the class offering available in this section of our website without registering as a Hope365Plus student, however, we strongly urge you to register as a student so you can take advantage of the free mentoring and certification feature of our program. You can register for free by clicking the register button below. To learn more about HOPE365Plus click here.

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Class Catalog

Managing Relationships

Class Selections

Keep 'em / Toss 'em
Changing me, not them

How to ask for forgiveness


Civic Responsibility

Class Selections
Voting 101

Keep it Clean

Getting Along with Neighbors

One Step Behind the Law


& Career

Class Selections

Honest Employment Application

What is my real Job?

Getting along with coworkers

Honesty in Employment



Class Selections
The Value of Car Insurance

Basic Automotive

Rental Responsibilities

Happy Landlord


Personal Development

Class Selections

Improving Reading Skills 

Dress for Success

Getting a GED

Is it Too Late

Religion and Service

Class Selections

The Value of Church

Telling Your Story

Salvation 101

Tithing & Giving

Servant Evangelism

& Care

Class Selections

Intentional Parenting

Selecting a Preschool

Childhood Immunization

Public, Charter, Private


Class Selections
Setting Personal Boundaries Why get a Physical

Health Insurance 101

Do I have PTSD

Dealing with Grief

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