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Bury the Bones

This morning I was reading from Ezekiel. Let me share with you how God inspired me:

In verses 39:11-16, the Lord calls on the people of the land to help Him finish the burial of the multitudes of those who  follow Gog. He tells them (and us) to identify the bones of those followers of evil and mark them for Him to bury. This is a great message to us today in that we have evil things of the past that are largely dead to us, but there is still a bone or two laying around in our spiritual and emotional environments. We talk a lot about casting out burdens (cares) on God, but do we keep an eye out for the remnants of evil that are cluttering our proverbial landscape. Let God clean up your valley, mark (identify) those loose unburied bones of evil and allow God to bury them in a place where only He knows their burial place and begin enjoying a clean valley of peace.

Please read the associated scripture so you can understand the context of this post: Ezekiel 39:11-16

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