Income Based

Sliding-Scale Rates

Family Health 360 is a Christian Counseling ministry of Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc.. It is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual health of every member of your family. Our mission is to help anyone, regardless of their ability to pay, find hope and identify a path to healing through Christ-centered counseling and coaching. Please see the chart below to identify your per session rate based on your income and number of dependent children.

Rate Chart

To use this chart follow these easy instructions:

  1. Under the green box that says Household Income, find the the income range in the white column that includes the amount of money that all contributing workers bring into your home in one year.

  2. From that line move one column to the right to locate the suggested per session  rate for a family in your income range who have no children. If you have no children, this is your suggested per session rate.



  3. If you have dependent children, look to the yellow box at the top of the chart to identify the column that has the number that corresponds to the number of dependent children you have in your care.

  4. Now move back down to the line you previously identified as your household income range and move to the right until you are below the number that indicates how many dependent children you have in your care. The amount that is in that block is the per session rate for your program.


For assistance determining your rate please call: